Truth is the First Casualty of War

So, the UK report on Iraq, praised by Powell at the UN, was lifted from public sources, and was not a work derived from original intelligence gathering. This story is being widely reported by the British media, but it has gotten little play in the U.S. Our media doesn’t have time for this since Bush raised us to condition orange, I guess. I am sure the cable news networks were too busy making their little “Terror Alert: High” graphics to bother with this story.

There is also this story that makes us wonder, Did the US let the terror training camp operate in Iraq to bolster our case for war? Also note that the camp in this article is in Northern, Kurdish Iraq, where Saddam has little control. It seems that the terrorists have packed up and moved on already, anyway. If it was ever there to begin with.

Don’t forget the recent track record of the US in citing reasons for war. Gulf War One and Vietnam.