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The future of blogging

This conversation between Anil Dash and the founders of Blogger touches on a lot of the issues related to blogging that has been hashed here and in the edublogger realm for what seems like forever – blogs as personal content archives versus networked conversations, owning your own space versus tacking on to a third party. Interesting to see these titans of the internet weigh in.

Also worth noting that this conversation is also a great example of the new start-up, branch. I see lots of potential in branch. It gives me the funny feeling of “there is something here” the way I felt when I first saw twitter. I see it as the way ideas can be hashed out quickly between me and my colleagues in yammer, but with the added bonus that these conversations can span the internet and be made public. It’s the kind of stuff I already see happening in really good class blogs. I am sure branch makes it all much simpler, and makes the conversation the featured item, not the long-winded blog post.